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    Default Nac Universe

    yesterday was the NAC universe
    look how the figure competiors look like there (and compare to a nicole wilkens )

    at the nationals you didnt even find this conditioning in fbb

    more pictures:

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    btw...dont get fooled with the names....
    physique is the name of the elite fbbs in nabba and nac,
    in wabba they had physique hard for fbb and physique soft for figure

    the ifbb, or better stupid bob stole the name from them (as they stole the figure class, nabba has it over 25 years), but bob was so stupid he stole the name and named the loser-fbbs in ifbb physique

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    Who is # 182 in Miss Physique competion she could be " ripped duchess"

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    good eyes

    the winner Monia Gioiosa
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    The woman in the OP has an amazing physique -- to me, they can never be too hard.

    However, I think her pictures were placed in the wrong section. Or something is up ... the other pictures in that gallery are of much softer compeitiors, apparently doing fitness routines or something.

    EDIT: never mind, it looks like the woman in the OP is figure, and the first few pages of the "figure" gallery are ... something else.

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    Thumbs up Most Awesome

    Yes, MONIA - i'm at risk of becoming a Moniamaniac!

    Honorable mention: # 186 - Fanny Palou, from Spain.
    Not as ripped as Monia, but magnificent size & shape.

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    FBBs have curves in places where other women don't even have places.

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    Default Nice shot of Monia

    Quote Originally Posted by chris10000 View Post
    good eyes

    the winner Monia Gioiosa
    FBBs have curves in places where other women don't even have places.

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