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Virtual Reality (VR) Test File: FREE
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Virtual Reality (VR) Test File: FREE

Virtual Reality (VR) Test File: FREE

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Wondering if a Virtual Reality (VR) will work for you?  Here is a small sample file you can test for free.  (Right-Click on link above and select 'Save As')  It was shot and encoded with the same setting as our other VR clips in our Virtual Reality (VR) Category   Please note that we strongly suggest you download to a PC and transfer to your headset.  Phones are not supported. 

TIME: 00:15 sec
SIZE: 18.5 Mb
RESOLUTION: 3840x2160
FOV: 160 degrees

INSTRUCTIONS and NOTES:  This video has been tested with the Oculus Quest headset. (Other headsets should be similar, but specific instructions may vary)  Download the video to your PC.  Connect your headset to your computer (via USB 3.0 wire) and 'Allow Access' from the headset options. You should see the Oculus Quest (or other VR device) displayed as a device on your computer.  Copy the video file to your 'MOVIE' folder.  In the Oculus Quest, navigate to Oculus TV and select 'Your Media' to view the video you have added to your device. 

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The video is transferred directly to the available hard drive space on your headset.  You should be able to disconnect the headset from your computer to view the video.  This video may be viewed on your computer using Windows Media player.  You would use your mouse to look around the scene.  Please note that the best experience is with a VR headset.

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