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Power Trips: Volume 1 (Downloadable)

Power Trips: Volume 1 (Downloadable)

Power Trips: Volume 1 (Downloadable)
Model Name: Daniella Sell and Lori Emory
Video by: James Cook
File size: 876 Mb
Format: MP4 720 x 480
Length: 64 min
Date Recorded:11/23/2007
Date Added: 1/27/2018

"Power Trips: Volume 1" takes you into a world where women of strength and power rule supreme! This video is for fans of heavy lifting, feats of strengths, powerlifters and offseason female bodybuilders. The video begins with German powerlifter, Daniela Sell performing heavy lifting in the gym. She begins with 3 sets of incline bench presses with posing after each set. A bar-bending scene follows the bench presses. Then she moves on to bicep curls for 3 sets, moving an incredible amount of weight! Squats follow for 3 sets with leg posing. Finally we show her deadlifting for 3 sets. Then there is some interview in her native German language. The interviewer provides the English translation. We then follow Daniela around Venice Beach, California as she astounds onlookers with her huge muscles! Finally the video ends with Daniela posing at the beach and to onlookers.

The second half of the video features offseason bodybuilder Lori Emory in the gym only. Lori does heavy lifting of incline bench presses, dumbell curls and squats. Each exercise is followed by posing. There is no interview with Lori.

The DVD has chapter points (but no menu for scene selection) and of course, excellent picture quality.

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