Fast Twitching Video :: Downloadable Full-Length DVD

Downloadable Full-Length DVD


Amber Knight Clip
Remastered footage as a complete 35 minute clip.

Our price: $15.00 (€13.05)
Courtney Shiflett
Full length DVD now available as a DOWNLOAD

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
Heather Policky DVD (Download Version)
Download Version

Our price: $30.00 (€26.10)
Sophie Duquette Video (Downloadable)
60 minute video now downloadable

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
The Brenda Smith Video (downloadable)
Complete video on sale for only $20
Running Time: 60 minutes Now Downloadable!

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
The Joanna Thomas Video (Downloadable)
Running Time: 90 minutes

Our price: $25.00 (€21.75)
The Kim Perez Video (Downloadable)
1 hour video from our DVD catalog now downloadable.

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
The Kristy Hawkins Video (downloadable)
Now Downloadable and on sale for $20!
Shot following her competiton at the 2006 Nationals
Running time: 60 minutes

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
The Marja Lehtonen Video (Downloadable)

Running Time: 105 minutes Now downloadable

Our price: $25.00 (€21.75)
The Myriam Bustamante Video (downloadable)
Running Time: 70 minutes

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)