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The Girls of Alexis Park (Downloadable)

The Girls of Alexis Park (Downloadable)

The Girls of Alexis Park (Downloadable)
Model Name: Debbie Bramwell, Melanie Thompson, Rosemary Jennings
Video by: James Cook
File size: 700 Mb
Format: MP4 712 x 478 (Standard definition)
Length: 71 min
Date Recorded: 04/20/2002
Date Added: 10/31/2017
This is a downloadable version of the 2002 video
The majority of this video features Debbie Bramwell . The first 30 minutes is of Debbie in the gym. The exercises are: standing bicep curls, seated dumbell curls, dumbell laterals, seated cable rows, leg extension (barefoot), hamstring curl (barefoot) and finally calf raises (barefoot). Each exercise is followed by posing of the bodypart that is being worked. Camera angles are both wide angles and close-up.

Then there is 15 minutes of bikini posing with Debbie. The posing portion was shot the day after the 2002 USA Championships, so Debbie is in excellent condition. There is also interview with Debbie that is intermixed throughout both the gym workout and posing with her. She answers questions about her hearing disability, how people react to her in public, how she dresses in public as well as what she is looking for in a boyfriend.

The remainder of the video is of two other women who competed at the 2002 USA Championships, Melanie Thompson (lightweight winner) and Rosemary Jennings (middleweight winner). They were both photographed the day after the contest. There is 15 minutes of Melanie (pictured above 5th and 6th from left) in both a bikini and mini skirt. Rosemary (pictured 4th from right) is featured in 10 minuted of bikini posing.

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