The Jeannie Paparone Video
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The Jeannie Paparone Video

Running Time: 71 minutes
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Her very first video! The video begins with a bit of interview with Jeannie about how she started in bodybuilding before we are taken into the workout scene with her. She does 5 exercises (standing dumbell curl, concentration curls, side laterals leg extention and standing calf raise) and each is shot at multiple angles. Each exercise is followed by posing. The workout is about a third of the video (apx. 20 min) There is a bit more interview following the gym scene. (The interview is spread out in bits throughout the entire video) We are then taken to the posing scenes where Jeannie poses in the 3 outfits pictured above. Camera angles for each outfit are: wide angle (showing entire body) medium upper body, medium lower body and then extreme close-up upper body and lower body. Jeannie is very relaxed and pleasant in front of the camera. All scenes in the video are shot on high-quality DVCAM video with professional lighting. The DVD has chapter points at regular intervals, however there is no menu for scene selection. Please e-mail me if you have any additional questions. You can also see sample video clips from this video in the FTV Members gallery
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