Nancy Lewis
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Nancy Lewis Video (Downloadable)

Running Time: 58 minutes

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The is the download version of the DVD produced in 2003. Shot the day after Nancy competed at the 2003 Arnold Classic, this bodybuilding legend is in top condition for the video. The video begins with a gym workout with IFBB pro bodybuilders, Kim Harris and Nancy Lewis together in the gym. The exercises they do together are: cable rows, bicep curls and dumbell shoulder presses. They each do a warm up set and then each progresses to a heavier weight. There is verbal encouragement and spot assist throughout each exercise. This scene is about 25 minutes. Each exercise is followed by posing of the bodypart that is being worked. Camera angles are both wide angles and close-up. The posing is all indoor studio posing as Nancy flexes in 3 different outfits: Lingere, a blue shorts and top and finally a bikini (see photos above). Each outfit is shot at a wide angle and close up (upper body and lower body). There is also interview with Nancy and it is intermixed in pieces throughout the entire video. All scenes in the video are shot on high-quality DVCAM video with professional lighting.

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