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Patty Girl Jock  Volume 1: Frames Only
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Patty Girl Jock Volume 1: Frames Only

Patty Girl Jock  Volume 1: Frames Only

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*This is the FRAMES ONLY version.  A zip folder containing all 258 frames used for the Patty Girl Jock Volume 1: Motion Comic

Patty is an energetic, muscular woman who lives a simple lifestyle of lifting heavy weights and staying fit.  In volume 1,  Patty has a crazy idea to get onto the cover of a popular fitness magazine with the help of her photographer friend, Twiggs (voiced by James Cook) and Lucy (voiced by Truc Linh), an eccentric fitness girl with big dreams of becoming a famous singer.  Things start to fall apart with a climactic clash between Patty and Lucy!

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Images are downloaded as a .ZIP file.  

Total Number of Images: 258 
Resolution: 960x540
Added: 06/28/2023

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