Betty Viana Video (downloadable)
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Betty Viana Video (downloadable)

Running Time: 82 minutes
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Betty Viana makes her solo video debut on DVD! The video begins with a gym workout. There are 2 bicep exercises (standing curl and concentration curl), leg extension, standing calf raises and shoulder laterals (dumbells). The gym workout is about 25 minutes. The exercises are shot at a wide angle and then again with close-ups. Each exercise is followed with flexing (wide angle and close-up). There is also interview. The interview is in short segments and dispersed throughout the length of the video. Betty speaks freely in her native Spanish language and then she translates to English for us. The questions are like "How do people react to you in public?" and "How do you dress in public? Do you like to show off your muscles?" The remainder of the video is sexy posing. Betty poses in 5 different outfits. All outfits are shown in photos above. (miniskirt with heels, red shorts and top, 2 different thong bikinis and jean shorts with heels) She poses standing as well as reclined (on a brick wall and on boxes) Each outfit has a wide angle as well as medium to extreme close-ups. All bodyparts are covered. (Upper body and lower body get equal attention). The DVD has chapter points to mark each scene and outfit, so finding your favorite part is as easy as pressing a button. And of course with DVD, the picture quality is OUTSTANDING! A majority of the posing is in a studio environment with a 3 light setup. There is also posing outdoors. All scenes are shot on high-quality DVCAM format. Easy listening music is dubbed over all the posing and gym scenes. Please feel free to e-mail me with any additional questions.
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